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My Dog Has Diarrhea - What Should I Do?

Try the easy options first
- Identify stressors. Did something get your dog upset today? This could contribute to an upset stomach, just like with people.
-Feed your dog a bland diet temporarily. Cook up some lean turkey and rice and try it out for a few days until everything clears up.

Pet-safe Antidiarrheals
-Slippery elm bark is one of our favorite diarrhea remedies, especially for loose stool with mucus. It protectively coats the gastrointestinal tract and helps to reduce inflammation. Slippery elm bark should be mixed with water and can be given with a meal or separately (1 teaspoon per 20 lbs of body weight. Because of the effective coating it forms in the stomach, it shouldn’t be given within 2 hours of other medications or supplements.
-DiaGel is a great diarrhea hack for diarrhea caused by food or environmental stressors. It is safe for all dogs, even puppies. The active ingredient is carvacrol, which is a phytonutrient (plant extract). It has shown to be effective for diarrhea in other animals and humans and has also had a positive effect on the microbiome of mice.

What should be avoided when treating dog diarrhea from home?
Anything that’s found in your medicine cabinet should not be the first thing you reach for, especially before talking to your veterinarian. Pepto-Bismol(R) or Kaopectate(R), in particular, is one human medication that should be avoided due to its low effectiveness and its ability to mask serious digestive issues like gastrointestinal bleeding.
Imodium (loperamide) is a synthetic opioid and has the potential to lead to negative side effects. Imodium should not be used in specific cases:

- Dogs with other signs (vomiting, lethargy, signs of pain (painting, groaning, sensitivity to touch)
- Very young or very old animals
- Dogs with infections or other diseases (e.g. Liver disease, kidney disease, hypothyroidism, or Addison’s disease)
- Certain breeds, like Shelties and Collies, because they can have a genetic mutation that affects the breakdown of certain medications

Whether you follow a home-remedy or visit your veterinarian when your dog has diarrhea, monitoring your dog’s progress is key to helping them get better. Taking photos and jotting down notes about their diet, lifestyle or medications and supplements is a great place to start.

By doing this, you can track the frequency of their diarrhea and see what is helping them get better. In general, it’s always a good idea to keep a log of your dog’s stool to know their ‘normal’ so you can catch subtle changes or problems early. No need to break out a notebook though! Download the DIG Labs app to do all this and more (hint: live chat with an expert!) for FREE from the comfort of your home!
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