Pet clinical trials are an important way for us to discover, test, and evaluate various medical breakthroughs for our pets. They can help determine whether one medication is more efficacious than another, help us understand more about a new medication or treatment, and can lead the way for new innovations.

If your pet is diagnosed with an illness, your veterinarian may recommend they sign up for a pet clinical trial. Naturally, this might cause you to wonder if clinical trials for pets are safe or a good idea.

Generally speaking, pet clinical trials are considered safe and your veterinarian would only make this recommendation if they felt certain it could benefit your pet.

Before a pet clinical trial begins, there are numerous steps that occur to ensure it’s safe for pets. Then, once the trial begins, the medical experts running the trials must follow a specific set of protocols that outline everything from what’s done in the study to how tests are conducted to what type of pet(s) can take part. Each part of the study must be deemed necessary and safe.

Throughout the trials, everything is closely monitored by independent committees, veterinarians, researchers, and statisticians to ensure risks are minimized and that the trial itself is beneficial.

As with any clinical trial, there’s potential for unknown or adverse reactions though these are rare. Those running the trials will do everything in their power to resolve these issues.

However, know that at any time and for any reason you retain the right to pull your pet from a clinical trial.

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